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 Hey guys check this out!

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PostSubject: Hey guys check this out!   Fri Oct 15, 2010 10:43 pm

This is originally posted on Leaguecraft by Christopho

Sound/Announcer Mods
- HoN Announcer+Dante's voice by Shirokko
- DotA Allstars/UT99 announcer Sound Mod by ToonBoon
- UT 2004 Sexy Announcer (player/ally team) by serajin

Spell Indicators
- Lord of the Rings: The One Ring - Range & Line Indicators by MMKH
- Range & Line Indicators the other red ones by Cedrac

- League of Legends Launcher v2.0 (Client style) L.T. by KewL
- BGM Launcher + custom music by Ser Gregor
- Redesigned Launcher by FAmousPsYch
- Season 1 Custom Launcher by Veigun
- Miss Fortune Launch-Her by dizap001
- Many(280) Custom Launcher Skins by mmhmaster
- Clean LoL Launcher Skin by Mardy
- Pimp My Launcher! by Sefiroz
- Launcher Screens + Rotating Images by BlazingFlare

- The Devil Squid's work... by Vampyroteuthis
- Skinny's Skinctory by Skinny
- Skins by PlasticFork by PlasticFork
- Forogorn's Skin Section by Forogorn
- Warhammer/40k Collection Thread by Vampyroteuthis
- Dollface cult skins pack by SlinkyTheDrunk
- WoW it's LoL by Excise and Vampyroteuthis

- Skn2Obj by vredezbyrD (used for making skins)

- Dark League of Legends by KenshiSaan
- Summoner's Rift at night by lVladHatter

I figured in case some people here weren't recruited from Leaguecraft or don't do much with the graphic modding, I'd show you guys since I use most of this stuff Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Hey guys check this out!   Sat Oct 16, 2010 7:48 pm

Some of these look really awesome afro.
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Hey guys check this out!
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